Welcome to the Quebec CCA Support Group!

The Canadian Celiac Association’s Quebec Support Group is a direct Support Group of the CCA and exists for persons with celiac disease and gluten-related disorders in Quebec, to provide them with information about local activities
and peer support, as well as links to events at the national CCA level.

If you, or a family member are: newly-diagnosed with celiac disease, or a gluten-related disorder, are newly-arrived in Quebec, visiting here, or have questions about the gluten-free diet and symptoms you are experiencing; you can reach out to us for resources at the email: quebecsupportgroup@celiac.ca

You can click on LOCAL EVENTS to find out what is happening in our community.

You can click on NATIONAL EVENTS for information on CCA events, webinars and conferences etc.

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For more comprehensive information about celiac disease , gluten-related disorders and the gluten-free diet, we refer you to the National CCA website at: https://www.celiac.ca