May 2022 – Celiac Awareness Month

Sonia, Age 40

I hope no other Canadian has to go through the experience that I did.

After being a relatively healthy person throughout my life, I started getting sick. I had troublespeaking. My balance was off. And I had numbness and tingling on the left side of my body.

Numerous tests ruled out a potential stroke or migraines. The symptoms grew worse.I had constant vertigo, fatigue, facial numbness, memory recall issues, and sometimesheadaches, ear pain, blurred vision, stuttering, confusion, nerve pain in my jaw and even sores onmy body.

For four years, I made multiple trips to the hospital. I saw so many doctors and did so many tests,that I felt like a human science experiment.

At my lowest point, my neurologist referred me to a psychiatrist, believing that maybe this wasall in my head. I felt so frustrated and unheard. Luckily, my GP suggested I get a second opinion.The new neurologist ran the tests for celiac disease, and I finally had my answer. It was celiacdisease that was attacking my body and causing these debilitating symptoms. Within two weekson a gluten-free diet, I felt like my old self again. Sonia came back.

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