The board of directors is made up of dedicated volunteers committed to contributing to the celiac community. New volunteers are always welcome. If you would like to contribute to the work we do, consider volunteering for the board. Your participation will help us continue to support and advocate for celiacs and gluten intolerance and ensure that people with gluten sensitivities have the assistance they need. Contact us at for more information.

Board of Directors


  • President – Margaret Duthie
  • Treasurer – John Beck
  • Secretary - Beth Armour
  • Membership Chair – Gemma Mattheij
  • Communications - Elisa Shepherd
  • Web Editor

Professional advisory members

  • Registered Dietitian – Judy Campbell
  • Consulting Dietitian – Danielle Moore
  • Clinical Dietitian – Viviane Albert
  • Consulting Dietitian – Beth Armour
  • Pediatric Gastroenterologist – Dr Najma Ahmed
  • Pediatric Gastroenterologist – Dr Terry Sigman
  • Gastroenterologist – Dr Gad Friedman
  • Immunologist and Gastroenterologist – Dr Ernest Seidman
  • General Practitioner – Dr Ronald Ludman