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Are you joining in the Quebec Canadian Celiac Association’s Support group initiative to help those with Food Insecurity who need the gluten-free diet(GFD)? You can take a well-labelled bag of GF non-perishable items to your local Food Bank and ask that they put them aside for someone who needs the GFD?

CCA Food Insecurity Project for May Celiac Awareness Month 2021
Do you know somebody who has difficulty affording the gluten-free diet, or are you yourself having difficulty?
The Canadian Celiac Association is focusing on ways to help Food Banks be both more aware and better equipped to assist persons who have to eat gluten-free for medical reasons.
Nearly everyone who eats gluten-free can join in assisting this project in one way or another.
If you have the means, we would encourage you between now and the end of May 2021 to:
Fill a brown paper grocery bag with non-perishable gluten-free goodies,
Find the whereabouts of the Food Bank closest to you,
Download and print out decals and message about the SaveMe4 Gluten-Free campaign in French or English on this link
Fill out the anonymous survey to say what you donated and where you donated so the CCA can track Food Banks contacted
Staple the printouts onto your brown paper grocery bag
Check out the Food Bank closest to you and deliver it there.
Ask them to put your donation on a special shelf or in a special place for gluten-free food.
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Jun 08 2021 - Sep 30 2021


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Margaret Duthie
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