Celiac Awareness Month Activities for 2018

Here is a link to the CCA's web page where the CCA's 2018 Celiac Awareness Events are listed:


There is a free pubic GF#101 webinar on May 23rd and you will find a link to register for the limited number participants

In Montreal, Quebec, we are hoping to have the Olympic Stadium Tower lit up green for us, sometime towards the end of May. Meanwhile, on May 16th - Celiac Awareness Day - the Jacques Cartier Bridge will already be illumined in green at sundown. If enough of us click on the hashtag #illuminationsMtl on the web site:


we can get a star illumined for us on the Jacques Cartier Bridge. The star will not say what it is for, but it will signal that the day is meaningful and we van let the media know about it. Click on Community + Heritage and then scroll down to Illuminations and then scroll down that page. Here are the directions received from the bridge personnel:

Every new tweet sent with the hashtag


is sent to the bridge’s illumination system. The tweet is then transformed into a moving light in the colour of the day. If the tweet is favored, the moving light expands. If it is retweeted, it accelerates. Otherwise, the moving light disappears after a few moments.

At sunset on May 16th, please be ready to click #illuminations MTL on the web site


However our #s have to be favoured #s for that evening, so the more of us #illuminationsMTL the more chance we have to make a lasting star.