Here are two restaurant guides to help you navigate the Gluten-Free world in Quebec, Montreal, and surrounding areas:

  • Quebec (except Montreal and Area) Gluten-Free Friendly Restaurant First-Step Guide: PDF (2018/02/01)
  • Montreal and Area Gluten-Free Friendly Restaurant First-Step Guide: PDF (2018/02/01)

Whether you are travelling in one of the regions of Quebec, or simply want to go out to dinner for the evening, it can be a challenge to find a place where gluten-free dishes are available. These guides should be considered as a first-step in helping you find a place where you can dine without worry. These guides do not replace the vigilance that any person who must dine gluten-free must have in order to dine safely. The establishments listed here are compiled from a few different sources:

  • Suggestions from members who have had positive GF eating experiences at these places.
  • Restaurant marketing as "gluten-free" friendly in some way.
  • Direct correspondence with restaurants concerning their ability to provide gluten-free dishes.

Please note that these are restaurants where our members have had a good experience obtaining safe GF (Gluten-Free) food in the past.  However they do not carry the "GF Verified" or "GF Dedicated" certifications by the GFFP (Gluten-Free Food Program)  a program that is endorsed by both the Canadian Celiac Association (CCA) and the Fondation québécoise de la maladie coeliaque (FQMC).  See:


Maintaining these lists is a collaborative effort among members of the Quebec Chapter of the Canadian Celiac Association. Many of the entries in these lists are a result of suggestions by members. Submissions to update these lists are welcome. To request that a restaurant be added to the list, simply fill in as much of the form’s information as possible.

Please only submit changes for places with which you have had a personal experience.

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